Ever Wondered What a 30 Day Challenge is Like?

These types of challenges can be intimidating! It’s sounds like a lot of work, and to be honest, it can be (more on that below). I was not looking for busywork, but when Wendy Ann made the challenge of Mindful Drawing Month, I felt it was something I needed to do.

Why? Because I’m an artist, but I suck at drawing. Tons of people love to draw, so I’m in awe of them; I needed to find out why they love it and why it’s important as an artist to take pencil in hand and draw.

30 days of Mindful Drawing Seems Like a Long Time

On Day 1, listening to Wendy Ann’s free guided meditation, I easily fell into a rhythm moving the pencil on paper. No goal, no “thinking”, just feeling the breath, the glide of pen on paper and arm’s movement. Of course, my critic was with me the whole time…”this is ridiculous, no one will ever like it”, but no one has to like it. It’s just play!

Around Day 10, I got into a groove. Meditate, draw, paint. I kind of liked where this was going…and my critic had lost interest, thank goodness.

The Inner Critic

On Day 29 I was terribly frustrated. I had followed my new process: meditate, draw, paint and I just hated what came out. I added black ink and watched it mix with water (always so mesmerizing) but no amount of ink and water proved fruitful. I pitched that and started 3 others…threw then all in the trash can and then just sat for a while. I’d had lost the breathing meditation….and my critic was back…ugh.

Finishing Mindful Drawing Month

There’s good that comes from a “stick-with-it” challenge. You discover things about your art’s expression that you never even guessed at. There is frustration, but without a frustrating day, I never would have ended up with something I really love.

I discovered a new process of drawing with pencil, adding water and color that I just fell in love with. I can marry that process to abstract and even more abstractedness. Experimenting is fun! 

What I never expected from this challenge was an answer to why people love to draw, but I know it now. I know why people sit for hours and hours with their pencils and notebooks. I know why people doodle. I know what a pencil feels like as an extension of my arm in a quiet moment. I am happy to be one of them.

Shop my newer artwork…Growth is good!

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