Daily (Almost) Painting

Having just come off the Inktober challenge in October,  I found myself pretty uninspired to create anything. EEEK! I was in the proverbial artist’s block. I’d read it took some artists 5 years to get out of their own way…that was way too long for me. What to do? I tried several large portraits, tried some watercolors…all flopping and I just felt like I had forgotten how to paint!

My husband suggested I try some small florals since I had done these in watercolor (ACEO) and they were wonderfully fun and successful, but after hundreds of them, I got bored making them and needed a new challenge. And I was trying to use new mediums, like acrylics and oil. In watercolor, you work from light to dark. Acrylics you work from dark to light…

It got me thinking about Daily Painters, ones who’ve been at it for years; (not days) painting daily. Artists like Lisa Daria and Carol Marine.

I like the looseness of Lisa’s style which led me to another artist, Stanley Bielen, who makes a simple little flower in a vase look astounding. Too simple for some, but looked just perfect for me. And who doesn’t love the colors of Dreama Tolle Perry and the nostalgic teacups from Elena Katsyura? These artists have all spent years perfecting a simple little vase of flowers or teacups into something mystical and magical to view. I felt I’d accomplished that in watercolor, now it was time for a new challenge….with acrylics.

hydrangea, floral, flowers, daily painting, 6×6, acrylic, gifts

Here are some my first attempts to get back into smaller florals in acrylics. These were done in the last week or so…at least the ones that survived! The best thing about acrylics, which I can’t do with watercolor, is just wipe it off, or cover over it…and go again. I’ve painted these small artworks before, in oil, watercolor and acrylic, but not really on a regular “daily painting” basis. I have high hopes the daily (almost) painting will work for me a bit like a challenge does…to keep me in the studio, exploring and discovering if nothing else.

All of these are still too tight for where I want to be, but I’m trying to remember that I’m exploring and every time I do, there is something to learn. And it may end up that this is just as loose as I’ll ever be…and if so, that’s okay too. These words sound trite, but they ring so true.

lemons, still life, kitchen, housewarming, daily painting

So, this is the “official” start of my daily (almost) painting journey. I don’t know where it will go, but I’m on the road. Maybe it’s just for a short time until I stop and try something else. Maybe it will become my fall back position…and how I get re-inspired when blocked.

Or maybe it’s just a get on/get off journey, but it’s now part of my history and evolution as an artist. I know how hard challenges are to “stick with” and at this point, I’m not committed to making this an EVERYDAY practice for years and years. One baby step at a time…which makes Daily (Almost) Painting feel just right.

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