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Painting Outside Perfect

Wow, where did January go? I have been painting almost daily and doing some larger works too and revisiting Encaustics! Watercolor is where I began and I go back to it like seeing an old friend…so January was full of those. I especially love using a Stabilo pencil with water – magic happens!!

While sketching, I pushed myself to draw outside the “perfect” features of a woman’s face. To tell the whole truth, I was actually getting tired of striving for “perfect”. So, I elongated this woman’s nose quite a bit and made her eyes more expressive. Look at that mole! I loved her in the sketch, so decided to make a large, 18×24 canvas of her …mostly so I could go crazy with color! And I did.

I started “Annabelle” with ephemera papers, adding marks and color. I sketched her on the canvas and played with some color leaving her to dry while I went out to eat.

We chose a Chinese restaurant which was auspicious. I received a wonderful fortune and couldn’t resist adding that to her background the next day. The fortune says “We can not change the wind, but we can adjust the sails”. Since I had originally adjusted her from a “perfect” face, I felt the sentiment belonged to this portrait.

As a last bit of excitement, I added a transparent red oil paint over her background and complexion. What a wonderful way to make her skin look like antique porcelain. The transparent oils really add a deep, saturated color and also added a vintage feel overall. If applied very, very thinly over acrylic, it works! I will use this technique again. SOLD!

Annabelle – SOLD!

Questions and Comments

3 comments on “Painting Outside Perfect

Carol Biallas

I love this piece!

Dennis Rudek

Sorry, I love your work but am afraid to purchase without knowing the price.


Hi Dennis, so glad you stopped by and want to purchase. If you CLICK the IMAGE, you will be taken to ETSY to see the price and size and more details. IF you want to purchase, you can do it from ETSY, OR you can just email/message me the title of the artwork and we’ll arrange something thru paypal or check. You have my info on facebook. or use my email (link on this site). thanks!!


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