New for April 2018

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Botanic Alchemy (not for sale)

April began with a full moon and botanical alchemy exploration; a process whereby we make a mordant (a concoction of vinegar and rusty nails or other metals), squish leaves and flowers between paper, bind it all up with twine and let it stew for a day or so (you can also cook it). You actually feel like a goddess making a special potion. Opening the papers is magic revealed. Amazing what was created!

Single Stem Florals – Click to View/Buy in ETSY

I tried to improve on mother nature’s work and create something even more beautiful from these “starters”, but so far nothing has impressed me. Perhaps I will try some Encaustic on them…more magic to come.

Inspired by my upcoming “Investigating Flowers” painting workshop I practiced a bit with single stem florals on 5×7 watercolor paper. I love them! These make great gifts and are priced right for collectors just getting started. Under $20, they are a steal, so you can collect more than one.

Options include a white or black mat. Just sit it on the shelf for a pop of color or put it in your favorite frame. Also – perfect for those “multi-picture” frames!

One fan from Ireland has purchased 3 to put in individual frames, side by side. I can’t wait to see them in her home! More in my ETSY store.

Going big with watercolor, I created “Deep Pink Bouquet” on 12×16 watercolor board (like paper adhered to a stiffer backing). Wonderful to work on! The colors are uplifting and makes a bright statement, but not garish at all. I would use just a plain white, double mat and let the looseness do all the talking. If you want some ideas, feel free to email me.

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Deep Pink Bouquet by Lynne Furrer – Click to purchase in ETSY

Sketching is turning into an almost daily practice, yeah! I’m using charcoal more; it’s messy and expressive and primal…something about burned wood…yummy stuff that I’ll use more.

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SOLD! Art by Lynne Furrer

Stabilo pencil in blue and black, wow, what a combination. This lovely lady (at left) sold as soon at it hit my Instagram page. (search for me @lynnefurrer)

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Work in Progress – Art by Lynne Furrer

One of my daily sketches has begged me to add more color (at right). She’s currently in the studio being worked on. I’ve gone from a limited Zorn palette to more subdued grays, yellow and red. Adding vintage wallpaper has enhanced that “from the past” feeling I’m getting to with this piece. We are taking it slow and enjoying the direction we’re heading. She should be ready by May or June… email me if interested.

See more sketches in my ETSY store.

Last bit of great news for April! Annabelle (below) sold to a collector in Pennsylvania. She’s in a great home now and loving every minute of it.

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SOLD! Art by Lynne Furrer

Click any image to see more details, pricing, sizes about these works of art.

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