New for May 2018

Goddess Samsara by Lynne Furrer – Prints Available on ETSY
Mia by Lynne Furrer – Original, click to view on ETSY

This month, we studied archetypes in our goddess class. I have no idea what archetype this gal is, but I named her Goddess Samsara. Maybe she’s a mystic…her hair done up in a voluminous, spun cotton turban which came out soft looking, like a cotton candy of sheer fabric. I adorned her with white beads and tattoos. Her raven friend is good at keeping secrets while she does her magical work. Ravens easily traverse from heavens to earth carrying messages we need to hear. Most messages are deep and challenging, but as Julie Cameron says…”mystery is at the heart of creativity”. Who knows, maybe the raven said that first!

I’m really fascinated by creating mysterious women, so, shortly after creating Goddess Samsara, I spun up (see, I’m using mystic terms now) this watercolor I named Mia. After working so hard to create the acrylic, the watercolor just flowed together!

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One of my fans, purchased 3 of my 5×7 watercolor florals and made a wall collection, with white frames and really large mats. I thought these looked fabulous! Thanks Ally for letting me show off your display!

I’ve added quite a few NEW 5×7 watercolor flowers to my shop. These make great gifts and are priced right for collectors just getting started. Under $20, they are a steal, so you can collect more than one.

By the way, I’m having a 20% discount on any florals from June 8 to June 22, 2018. This is to celebrate the 13th year of ETSY! Mark your calendars and stop by the shop in June…

Just a reminder, options for the 5×7 florals include a white or black mat. Just sit it on the shelf for a pop of color, put it in your favorite frame, or make a statement with them in large framed mats like Ally did. Also – perfect for those “multi-picture” frames!

About a year ago, I took a class on figure drawing with live models. This class was taught by Michael Dowling. I got to see his work at the gallery this month. He titled his show “You Should Have Seen the Other Guy”. A compelling title and the show was no less so. This was my favorite piece. You can visit more of his work here. Highly recommend checking him out and very inspiring!

Destiny by Lynne Furrer – Original, click to view on ETSY

After seeing Michael’s show, I decided I could go off the deep end and worked on this charcoal piece called Destiny. I just worked her intuitively, not caring about the outcome. First the charcoal, then the watercolor, then more charcoal. It was a rush! Try it and see what happens to you!

And I can’t stop with the archetypes…going and going and going. Stabilo and watercolor….I am deeply, madly in love with this combination. And charcoal too! They are all such expressive mediums and I will do more of these until I get tired of it…not too soon I hope.

Click any image to see more details, pricing, sizes about these works of art. See you next month!

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2 thoughts on “New for May 2018

  1. Love your new pieces! The charcoal and water color combination is fantastic. And I especially love Mia. You are the most creative artist ever!


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