Blue Stabilo Sketch Experiment

“Drawing removes the gates holding back the tide of experimentation”…(yea, I said that).

In these 2 pieces, I sketched out the face loosely with a blue Stabilo pencil. If I hadn’t spent the last 2 years learning to draw a face, she would look more like a 3 year old drawing. That said, I don’t think I could get to this level / confidence of experimentation without having learned to draw first. After sketching, I threw a handful of water at each and watched the pigment try to hold its ground as the water ran its course. The watercolor paper was prepped with white Gesso many months before. That may have helped the water sit on top of the paper vs. immediately soaking in.

In the 1st piece (left), I went back in to define her more after letting the water dry.

The 2nd piece (right) was left alone to dry on its own, without redefining.

Walking the line between abstract and realism…which one calls to you? 

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2 responses to “Blue Stabilo Sketch Experiment”

  1. I like them both – they’re very lovely…


    1. Thanks so much Evelyn! You already know I love your work too!

      Liked by 1 person

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