Hi, I’m Lynne Furrer on an art journey….probably indefinitely….join me!

As a digital photographer for many years, I was fascinated with a friend’s watercolor art. I thought it might be fun to learn watercolor techniques and apply them to my digital art, so I joined a local watercolor class. Needless to say, I fell in love with the flow of water on paper and its magical attraction to pigment. I never went back to digital artistry!

Back then, my day job consisted of teaching, course design and learning management, with photography on the side. Completing 2 master’s degrees, I learned a lot about aesthetics, how people learn and how to be an effective teacher. Today, I have only one job and that’s happily creating and teaching art.

My art is loose, semi-abstract and with just enough definition so you know what the subject is (most times). I call this my expressionist style of mystery because telling the whole story is no fun! Maybe there’s also a universal message tucked inside my art that someone, somewhere can read. When that message is received, I’m know I’m in the right place.

I explore and create in all mediums that speak to me including watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, oil and encaustic. Each medium is like a house full of children, all full of possibility, but behaving in different ways. It’s fun to explore what they can and don’t like to do. I love the variety! So you won’t see me posting the same thing over and over in my Instagram feed…it’s just not possible for me to create robot art.

While I started out in watercolor, I’m in constant exploration with all media. My subjects change as does my style, both reflective of my journey and growth. I’m inspired by new challenges, techniques, testing, exploring and just discovering what happens when you do this or that. My wandering spirit has to run and roam, explore new spaces, places, feelings and interesting people. It’s the journey that matters. If the journey invigorates, so my art is moved. My style is expressionist and mysterious. I weave loose ends and crooked paths into my art for hidden meaning and discovery.