Hi, I’m Lynne Furrer on an art journey, creating expressionist art, trying new media, and stretching myself to learn. I hope to see you around!

As a digital photographer for many years, I was fascinated with a friend’s watercolor art. I thought it might be fun to learn watercolor techniques and apply them to my digital art, so I joined a local watercolor class. That’s when I fell in love with the flow of water on paper and its magical attraction to pigment. I never went back to digital artistry!

Back then, my day job consisted of the corporate world… teaching, course design and learning management, with little time for creating. While completing 2 master’s degrees, I learned a lot about aesthetics, how people learn and how to be an effective teacher. Today, I have only one job and that’s happily creating and teaching art.

My art is expressive, loose and carefree. I paint a story, but not the whole story because I love the idea that someone sees something in my art that I didn’t see. When that message is received, it’s magical and I’m know I’m in the right place.

I explore and create in all mediums that speak to me including watercolor, charcoal, mixed media, oil and encaustic. Each medium is like a house full of children, all full of possibility, but behaving in different ways. It’s fun to explore what they can and don’t like to do. I love the variety! So you won’t see me posting the same thing over and over in my Instagram feed…it’s just not possible for me to create robot art.