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  • Pets in Watercolor

    Pets in Watercolor

    Last week, my neighbor stopped by and asked by a commissioned piece with her poodle as the subject with a bird flying overhead and the dog looking up and…and…and. I paused for half a minute listening to the expectations and thinking to myself, could I do this? I could not remember if I’ve ever painted…… Read more

  • Think Art Journaling is Easy?

    Think Art Journaling is Easy?

    I know you’ve seen posts from veteran art journalists where their worst art journaling is probably my best…but it’s time to take a deep breath and say that miracle mantra “everybody is on the road, only in different places”. Okay, maybe that’s my variation of some famous saying… The point is, we just have to…… Read more

  • Painting Outside Perfect

    Painting Outside Perfect

    Wow, where did January go? I have been painting almost daily and doing some larger works too and revisiting Encaustics! Watercolor is where I began and I go back to it like seeing an old friend…so January was full of those. I especially love using a Stabilo pencil with water – magic happens!! While sketching,…… Read more

  • Stepping Into the Abstract World

    Stepping Into the Abstract World

    Abstracts are fascinating, aren’t they? They look so simple, but like any good art, they come with a set of rules which are yours to learn and break. Read more

  • Where It All Began

    Where It All Began

    In November 2011, I took a watercolor class to learn techniques to apply to my digital photography. Instead, I fell in love with the magical and mysterious flow of pigment and paper. I was smitten and could not stop… Read more