Use Photoshop Elements to Analyze Your Favorite Artist

My favorite artists change all the time. One I’m enamored with right now is Erin Gregory because she uses a lot of color, and I love color too! When I paint with watercolors, I arrange all my colors in a really large palette and just intuitively pull and mix on

New for March 2018

The month began with a much anticipated class on painting the divine feminine in alignment with the new moon… a most creative time. Toward that end, I channeled my divine feminine in rich blues and greens. This is the forest goddess Tara. She was made from tears shed by her

Mixed Bag of Paintings Jan 2018

Wow, where did January go? I have been painting almost daily and doing some larger works too and revisiting Encaustics! Watercolor is where I began and I go back to it like seeing an old friend…so January was full of those. I especially love using a Stabilo pencil with water

Daily (Almost) Painting Dec 2017

You can find all my daily paintings in my ETSY store. Here’s the rundown for December 2017:

Tutorial Review: Artist Lynne Hoppe

I’ve admired some of Lynne Hoppes’ art for awhile. First, because I love painting faces. Second, because the simplicity of her art is divine and third the color combinations! The artist has written out the steps for her face painting process in her blog “how I paint faces” so let’s

Daily (Almost Painting) Nov 2017

You can find all my daily paintings in my ETSY or EBAY stores. Here’s the rundown for November 2017:

Daily (Almost) Painting Oct 2017

Having just come off the Inktober challenge in October,  I found myself pretty uninspired to create anything. EEEK! I was in the proverbial artist’s block. I’d read it took some artists 5 years to get out of their own way…that was way too long for me. What to do? I

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