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Lynne Furrer


I’ve always thought watercolor with its ephemeral nature was ideal for painting flowers. I’ve used that medium for years to create a loose style of floral art. Then ink entered the picture with her saturated hues and tempting transparency. But,… Continue Reading…

Creative JourneyTutorial Reviews

When 2019 was wrapping up, I still kept hearing this buzz and social media was full of journal this, journal that pics. Some were actually quite nice, but then I ran into junk journals…why would someone call their art junk?

Color Palettes

One of my fans suggested I paint more small florals as the Holiday season is approaching and they make great gifts. I intended in 2018 to paint more daily paintings, but too many other things drew my attention away. Now,… Continue Reading…

Creative JourneyExperimentation

“Drawing removes the gates holding back the tide of experimentation”…(yea, I said that). In these 2 pieces, I sketched out the face loosely with a blue Stabilo pencil. If I hadn’t spent the last 2 years learning to draw a… Continue Reading…

Photoshop ElementsTechnology

My favorite artists change all the time. One I’m enamored with right now is Erin Gregory because she uses a lot of color, and I love color too! When I paint with watercolors, I arrange all my colors in a… Continue Reading…

Creative JourneyDrawing

Wow, where did January go? I have been painting almost daily and doing some larger works too and revisiting Encaustics! Watercolor is where I began and I go back to it like seeing an old friend…so January was full of… Continue Reading…

Tutorial Reviews

I’ve admired some of Lynne Hoppes’ art for awhile. First, because I love painting faces. Second, because the simplicity of her art is divine and third the color combinations! The artist has written out the steps for her face painting… Continue Reading…

Creative Journey

Having just come off the Inktober challenge in October,  I found myself pretty uninspired to create anything. EEEK! I was in the proverbial artist’s block. I’d read it took some artists 5 years to get out of their own way…that… Continue Reading…

Color Palettes

Many times, I use those color palettes littered throughout Pinterest that show a nice photograph accompanied by a series of 5 or more colors. I love these color schemes and pin them as much as anybody else and also use… Continue Reading…

AbstractArt Style

Abstracts are fascinating, aren’t they? They look so simple, but like any good art, they come with a set of rules which are yours to learn and break.

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