Pets in Watercolor

Last week, my neighbor stopped by and asked by a commissioned piece with her poodle as the subject with a bird flying overhead and the dog looking up and…and…and. I paused for half a minute listening to the expectations and thinking to myself, could I do this? I could not remember if I’ve ever painted a dog, much less a complicated scene. I didn’t want to over commit and get her hopes up. I like a challenge, but I don’t always say yes.

Quickly responding, I said, we’ll I’ve never done a dog in a scene before, but I love a challenge! I tell you what, you send me photos of your dog and I’ll work on it and let’s see what happens. Sounds good, she said.

After a week of studiously trying to create the expected scene on the preferred 6x8inch size, I realized it was just too much information to put into a small piece of art, especially when I don’t do realism. My art need room to breathe!

When I finally let go of trying to meet her expectations, I was free to explore painting the dog in watercolor, in my way. That’s when I reached a point where the fun returned.

I painted two that I sent back over to my neighbor and she said she loved both and it’s exactly what she wanted! Go figure, right?


I’m trying every way to notify any of my followers on FACEBOOK – unfollow me. My account was hacked on 25 Jul 2021 and I DO NOT CONTROL THAT ACCOUNT. I reported it immediately to FACEBOOK SECURITY. Today is 6 Sep 2021 and they have DONE NOTHING.

IF i ever get my Facebook back, I will delete it, so unfollow and just BLOCK that Facebook account because its not me anymore.

My other accounts are double protected and I’ve no problem there (so far), only FACEBOOK is doing nothing.

What do the hackers want? Well, they already tried to buy FACEBOOK ads. How do they do that? Here’s how…IF YOU EVER agree to buy or sell ANYTHING on FACEBOOK and paid thru Paypal, FACEBOOK sets up an automatic, no questions asked open access to your Paypal for any future payments. They say this is so its EASY for you to buy anything else you want quickly and easily. Well, when the HACKER got in, he/she EASILY bought FACEBOOK ads – I had no idea. Luckily PAYPAL UNLIKE FACEBOOK dealt with the hack THE SAME DAY – FACEBOOK still has done nothing.

What else do the hackers want? They will probably now take any art I posted on FACEBOOK, copy it, steal it and sell it to some person or country who will duplicate it and SELL it behind my back. Anything I can do about that? Yes, if I had a gazillion dollars, I could sue them, but I don’t have that, so I am SOL as they say.

THE ONLY PLACE I SELL ORIGINAL ART is ETSY and EBAY. Prints are through Fine Art America. All those places have double security now, but what the hacker has stolen from me can not be protected because FACEBOOK gave away my account to the hacker and HAS DONE NOTHING to stop the breach. By the time I got the email from facebook that my password and email had changed, the hacker had already gotten in. I couldn’t say “no, not me” to those emails as FACEBOOK had already allowed the HACKER to TAKE OVER.

When FACEBOOK corrects the hack that a leak in their system allowed…I will delete this post. Until then, nothing has been done by FACEBOOK.

What should you do? I seriously recommend changing your password on FACEBOOK to something you DONT use on any other account – and adding 2 step authentication. Because FACEBOOK does not have your back. #reality #hackingsucks #facebooksucks