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Lynne Furrer

Pink Lady

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Welcome to the course! I can’t wait to help guide you, answer questions and hear your feedback. Let’s get started!


Pink Lady Lesson 1: Sketch

Complexity: Standard

To keep loose in watercolor painting, we need to start with a loose sketch. Using a soft graphite pencil prevents digging deep into the paper surface, is easily erased and…

Pink Lady Lesson 2: Underlayers

Complexity: Standard

Now that your sketch is ready, it’s time to paint! In this instruction, we get acquainted with our paint, their qualities and values. This helps you understand why some paint…

Pink Lady Lesson 4: Salt, White and Detail

Complexity: Standard

When I first started painting with watercolor, I’d get to that frustration point and give up. In the bin, the paper would go, hidden in the depths, never to be…

Pink Lady: Wrap Up & Feedback

Complexity: Easy

I hope you enjoyed your journey creating your Pink Lady and she brought you lots of wonderful surprises, helpful hints and fond memories. Every time I paint this lady, she…