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Feel free to be inspired by my art as it’s a great way to grow as an artist. Problems can occur when people copy an artist’s work almost exactly or with only slight modification and claim it as their own, original work. For example, changing a color scheme is not modifying another person’s art; it’s just changing the color scheme. If it’s recognizable/too similar to my art, then you will want to modify it even further. Contact me if you have more questions are unsure. I made great art from one of your courses. Is that now my original art? This is a really good question! An art teacher shows you how to create her art, and you do it! It looks great, you want to show the world what you made, but she says it’s not your original art. But you created it, right? Yes, you did, but you did it by following the steps created and used by that artist to create her original art. If you say your art is inspired by that artist, I think that’s the right answer and I’m good with that. Especially if you are selling your art, but even if not, give proper thanks by citing the art teacher. It’s the right thing to do.

Printing or Using My Art

Is it okay if I download and put your art on my Christmas Cards or other things? No, that would be copying without my permission. Can I copy your image and print it out and hang on my wall if I don’t sell it or give it to someone else? That is probably okay and I’m very flattered. Enjoy it, but I bet it would look way better if you just ordered a print, right? See my Shop Art page. I want to learn to paint like you. Can I print your image and practice drawing and painting it? Yes, do get inspired, do practice and do paint and hold it up and say look at what I did (saying it was inspired by me would be nice)! Or take one of my classes! Do that and enjoy that feeling of learning and what you have the ability to create. If you then wish to sell your creation, go to the copyright section above and read what’s possible.

My Account / Registration

At this time, you only need an account if you buy a product, such as a course. Therefore, you need to first make a purchase. At checkout, you’ll get instructions how to register/open an account. Currently, only courses are sold on this site. If you wish to buy art, use the Shop Art page.


Can I share your videos or course materials with other people? No, one enrollment, is one person and only that person has access. If your sister wants to see the video, she needs to enroll. Sorry, but my classes are reasonably priced and its not a buy one, get one pricing. Can I show your video or course materials at party with several guests? If each guest buys the course from this site, then yes you can! Otherwise, the one person/one enrollment applies (see above question/answer). Can I show your videos or course materials to non-profits or in my art therapy groups? Not if purchased as one individual to show to others. That said, I support and am interested in helping art therapists/organizations. If you have something specific in mind, contact me and let’s discuss what I can do to support you. Where are my Classes? After logging in, go to the main menu on any page, click MY COURSES. Why can’t I Register for an Account? Maybe you haven’t purchased a course? There is no need to have an account on this site unless you want to take a course. Use Shop Courses page to find the course you want to take. If you wish to buy art, you don’t need an account here – just Shop Art or visit the Gallery. Is there a Facebook Site? There is a private Facebook community used for all my courses. To get into the Facebook site, you need to have purchased at least one course which will give you the password. You can @ tag me once your in the Facebook group for questions and comments. Please do not share course materials in the Facebook group as other people may not have purchased the same course you did.

Newsletter / Keep in Touch

Do you have a newsletter? If not, how do I keep in touch with what’s new? I no longer have a newsletter. It’s just me and I ran out of time for all the administration time it took. If you are on social media, the best place to follow me is Instagram. If you want to be the first to see what’s for sale, then follow me on ETSY (my art shop). You will need an account on Etsy, but it’s free! For my blog…follow me by signing up on this page.

Buy My Art

Can I buy your art somewhere besides ETSY? Contact me.


Thank you for visiting my website. You should be aware that your privacy is important to me. Viewing my website means you have acknowledged that the site collects data called cookies. When you register for a course, your email is collected so that you may login to the course and receive updated materials for the course. All other personal and financial data you share is through PayPal. I don’t have access to that information. I use your email for the purposes for which you’ve given me permission and that’s all. Please contact me for any issues or concerns.