For years I’ve been intrigued by goddess mythology and the feminine form. No surprise in 2022, after spending a couple of years learning to draw the female figure, I felt pulled toward clay. The idea of using my hands to twist and meld the clay in a female form felt ancient and raw. Working with clay this way is hard to resist. Unlike using a pottery wheel, hand building form aligns with my need to keep each piece unique, sacred and made in one point in time.

Watercolor & Ink

My art journey started with three simple pears, a painting which still hangs in my kitchen. Without conscious intention, I chose subject that mirrored qualities of the feminine form…curvy, fluid, straight lines used sparingly to create tension in my work.

Through my years of painting, I’ve enjoyed many subjects, but especially florals and the female form.

I am drawn to watercolor and ink because of their similar ability to mix happily with water embellishing movement with mystery.

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Acrylics, Oils, Mixed Media & More

When I started my art journey, it was all about watercolor, exploring varied subjects, method and color. As is typical of my journey, I see art created with other media and I think why not try it?

Each medium has its own special strengths and weaknesses. I love the challenge of discovering those qualities.

These media helped me understand I’m not an artist who can stay with one media forever. My journey is about exploration and discovery and if another medium speaks to me…I need to explore what it has to offer.

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