It’s a Journey

Hi, I’m Lynne Furrer, an art addict, maybe just like you! I’ve been on this art journey since 2011 and don’t expect to quit anytime soon.

From time to time I want to express something I’ve discovered with words and not just pictures. So, welcome to my blog!

Enjoy and leave a comment to share.

Pets in Watercolor

Last week, my neighbor stopped by and asked by a commissioned piece with her poodle as the subject with a bird flying overhead and the dog looking up and…and…and. I paused for half a minute listening to the expectations and thinking to myself, could I…

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I’m trying every way to notify any of my followers on FACEBOOK – unfollow me. My account was hacked on 25 Jul 2021 and I DO NOT CONTROL THAT ACCOUNT. I reported it immediately to FACEBOOK SECURITY. Today is 6 Sep 2021 and they have…

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Think Art Journaling is Easy?

I know you’ve seen posts from veteran art journalists where their worst art journaling is probably my best…but it’s time to take a deep breath and say that miracle mantra “everybody is on the road, only in different places”. Okay, maybe that’s my variation of…

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Inky Loose Iris Flower

I’ve always thought watercolor with its ephemeral nature was ideal for painting flowers. I’ve used that medium for years to create a loose style of floral art. Then ink entered the picture with her saturated hues and tempting transparency. But, what to paint? I thought…

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