Welcome to my magical, mystical art journey. I enjoy exploring and painting with many different art mediums. I create original, one of a kind art. I also offer prints of my originals. If you have more questions or desire a custom piece, just Contact me.

Most of all, I love to create and challenge myself with something new whenever things get too static or complacent. I hope to see you around!

Guest Teacher for Wanderlust 2022… CLICK TO SIGN UP!

Doing it again!

In 2020, I enrolled in Wanderlust as a student, not having a clue why so many people were fascinated with art journaling, but I learned how fun it is!

In 2021, I applied and was accepted as a teacher where I taught an easy way of drawing an iris flower. We created abstracts from our practice pieces and a focus on our best attempted iris. We made a gorgeous full journal spread composing all these pieces. We had a blast and the variety, ingenuity was amazing for me to see. The lesson really caught on. One of the best compliments was about not thinking they could do it, but when they tried they impressed themselves with how easy it was.

In 2022, I was invited back, this time to teach how to draw expressive faces and paint with them with watercolor. You can do this! I’m up for the challenge and can’t wait to see you there.

JOIN ME / REGISTER HERE! (price $175)