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Guest Teacher for Wanderlust 2021!

Remember when I asked “Why do people make art journals?” GUESS WHAT??? I figured it out… because I’m teaching a “how to/exploration” lesson next year!

Wanderlust 2021 is a year long course of 51 mixed-media lessons starting 1 Jan 2021. You get a new lesson every Friday…and believe me, you’ll start looking forward to Fridays! I’ll do a journal spread on a lovely bearded iris from my garden. I demonstrate drawing and painting. Did I mention I use my favorite color: purple?

It’s not just about my lesson; there is a huge team of teachers exploring mixed media with you! A year long course is the best way to stay connected to fellow adventurers on the journey. We start together, veer off, but always pop in whenever to get reacquainted. No worries or pressure about keeping up, we are all on the journey at different places and we welcome you!

These lessons help you think outside the box and grow as an artist. Rub online elbows with many, many, many other adventurers and teachers in our community!  Pricing can’t be beat for 1 FULL year of weekly lessons at $157.00 USD. Follow your intuition, sign up now! SEE YOU THERE!

Need more info about this fabulous course! Watch the Video!

Learn Watercolors with Me!

She’s here! After many requests, I created a deep dive tutorial on making my “Pink Lady” in a loose watercolor style. This is an online watercolor course with 4 comprehensive lessons. Each lesson has a video where I demonstrate and talk you through my steps. Get started making your own pink lady! Learn more…

Pink Lady Watercolor Course Promo